August 2016
Where in the world is Dimitri Tiomkin’s music?

Dimitri Tiomkin, Moscow, Russia, 1966

Dimitri Tiomkin, Moscow, Russia, 1966.

During his lifetime Dimitri Tiomkin lived in Russia, Germany, France, the U.S., and the U.K. Films brought his music to audiences around the world. Today his music is heard in film screenings, television and cable broadcasts, concerts, and more. And this website brings information to those interested, from fans to scholars in all of the above countries, as well as from Armenia to China to Iraq to New Zealand. Read on to find where in world Tiomkin’s music could be found in August.

In Thailand, a reviewer for the Pattaya Today newspaper wrote, “Perhaps the best thing about Fifty Five Days at Peking is the award winning musical score by Dimitri Tiomkin which makes the 159 minutes seem less of a drag.”

Anyone living in Italy needing proof could catch 55 Days at Peking on TV2000 on Friday, August 12. TV2000 is an Italy-based broadcasting network that carries Roman Catholic-themed programming.

Elsewhere in Italy, Tiomkin’s music for the film “The Old Man and the Sea” flooded the town square in Sarzana for a performance of a stage version of Hemingway’s classic book.

In Massachusetts, at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich conductor Robert Bernhardt led the Boston Pops in “The Green Leaves of Summer” by Dimitri Tiomkin paired with “Variations From a Shaker Melody” by Aaron Copland. “We picked what we we thought would be beautiful music for a gorgeous setting,” Bernhardt said.

Down South in North Carolina a newly-released recording “Tony Rice & John Carlini – Live In Cashiers, NC” features Rice in a solo showpiece, “Do Not Forsake Me,” by Dimitri Tiomkin.

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